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Design Tips for small spaces

An interior designer's ultimate debate? Dark paint vs. Light paint in small spaces. It can be a little bit of both. When choosing a small room color scheme, you don't have to stick with bland neutrals or boring white. Choosing the best colors for a small room just takes careful planning.

Consistant color pallet is the key to any small space.

Create an accent wall: Small spaces often lack design interest. Use contrasting colors to define an accent wall or to add design interest by painting the inside of shelving or windows. Adding small plants also help give space lively vibe.

Two Tone Color Pallet: Another way to make a small room appear larger is to keep the darker or bolder colors in your pallet below eye level and stick with mostly light colors or neutrals up above.

White, white, white.

Create Contrast: The more white the room is, the more light and airy it seems. Add dimension and weight with subtle pattern and dark accents, like dark floors, dark backsplash or furniture.

Small Head Board: Put the bed closer to window and choose a skinny, short headboard. That way, you'll save wall space for wall art or decor.

If you’re dealing with tight square footage and aren’t quite sure where to start, give us a call at 610-584-9800. We can give you ideas and suggestions about how to make your home look and feel better. Our team can also redesign or re-organize your home according to feng shui principles and make the energy flow better.

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